By far Yahoo is one of the most famous as well as most used e-mail apps that are happily used by millions of users from all around the world. It acts as an excellent supernumerary for and Gmail whereby one can organize their favorite email provider to send and accept emails from their known contacts with this wonderful To accurately understand and configure its account to your existing Gmail or outlook email accounts, one needs a fair level of Yahoo support knowledge and when done, it is very easy to function and can be your 24x7 tech partner that will tell you about the new email message.

It is the best and oldest email service provider in the world, yet its users face many difficulties while using Yahoo mail. It is the third most used email app all around the globe. The most common issue which user’s face is Yahoo account login issue, sometimes user forget their password or username and unable to access their mail id’s. The second most common problem which Yahoo user face is Account hacked. It is the weirdest issue of all. Someone got the access to your email account and stole all your personal data. Some organization is active in this kind of fraud, first, they will hack your account and then ask you for ransom. But don’t worry today in this post we will discuss how to recover hacked Yahoo email account.

Recovering your hacked Yahoo account is pretty simple if you would have added account recovery options in your Yahoo account through the sign-up process. Account recovery options mostly contain adding your alternative phone number and email addresses to your Yahoo account, which comes manageable in case you forgot your password/username, or in case your account gets blocked or hacked by someone. In such cases, Yahoo offers its users and chance to recover access to their account by resetting or changing account password using any of the registered account recovery options. In case you didn’t add any account recovery option it is become quite difficult to recover your hacked account.

If you have added account recovery options to your Yahoo account and have access to it, you can easily recover your hacked Yahoo email account by following these steps:

Steps to Recover Hacked Yahoo Email Account

1. Enter your Yahoo email address on the Yahoo Sign-in page and click next.


2. Now, click on the link I forgot my password located below the

Sign in button.


3. On the next display, you will be pressed with one of the account recovery options, if you recognize the selection and have access to it, click Yes, text me an Account Key. If you don’t recognize or if you don’t have access to the given alternative, click I don’t have access to this phone to get to the next account recovery option.

4. Once you receive the Account Key on your account recovery option (phone number or email address), enter it on the subsequent page and click Verify.


5. Once the Account Key is verified, you will see a Success message on the next window along with two options:

  • Continue
  • Create a new password

Select create a new password option to set your New Password. Once you have entered your new password on the displayed fields, click Continue.


6. Once your password is updated, you will be directed to Account Recovery window. Here you will be able to change, remove or add your recovery email address or phone number. Once reviewed, click looks good. You have successfully recovered your hacked Yahoo email account.


If you’re still unable to recover it you can contact our Yahoo Technical support team. We offer our services as a third party Yahoo support number and assure to provide our customer with a reliable and quick resolution to their queries and issues. Yahoo technical support is usually a collection of assistance where well-trained technicians assist you with your Yahoo email account issues. It is a toll-free helpline number +1-855-505-7815 which have been set up for the resolving issues of the Yahoo customers. Users can call us for help. We guarantee you that we will deliver you instant help for your technical problems. For that, you have to call us at our Yahoo Tech Support Phone Number and ask for help.